Casual casino games

It is, as a result, unsurprising that over the last decade the online casino industry has seized upon this form of online casing gaming to attract a remarkably different demographic to what many consider as the typical online casino visitor. This demographic is less interested in the act of gambling and more interested in the experience of casino gameplay.

How to Play

The complexity of casual gaming mechanics is traditionally very simple. This means that even a casino novice can launch a casual game title like Pharaoh Bingo, Four by Four, or Triangulation and within minutes have the confidence to be betting for real and winning money. Titles like Keno have been around for thousands of years and its lottery style setup is so innately ingrained in everyone that anyone can enjoy playing it with confidence.

Popular casual game titles

Piggs Peak offers a variety of different casual gaming titles for players to choose from including bingo, horse racing and keno. Each of these feature the games standard mechanics with the addition of bright colourful graphics and a compelling theme. The casino’s top 3 casual gaming titles are:

  • Spingo
  • Haxaline
  • Bubble Bonanza