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Online Blackjack at Piggs Peak

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games worldwide and has a pedigree spanning more than 300 years. Also known as 21, the game is simple and only requires players to get as close to 21 as possible, without going over. Piggs Peak offers over 40 distinct blackjack titles including single and multi-hand variants, redeal options and live dealer blackjack.

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History of online blackjack

The first know reference to blackjack comes from a short story by Don Quixote author, Miguel de Cervantes. Published in the 1660s, the story describes a game referred to as ventiuna, Spanish for 21. The iconic name, however would not be coined for another 200 years.

When the game arrived in the United States it failed to garner much enthusiasm from the local betting population. To generate interest and excitement for it, gambling houses began offering bonus payouts if players received a particular hand. One of these payouts was a 10:1 bonus for any player that received a hand with an ace of spades and a black jack, which was referred to as a blackjack. Thereafter, the game quickly adopted the name, and its popularity soared.

How to play online blackjack

Blackjack is played with between 1 and 6 decks, depending on each game variants. Players are required to build a hand total of as close or equal to 21 without going over (going bust). Hand totals are built with a basic two-card hand with picture cards counting 10, numbered cards at their face value and aces as 1 or 11. A player can decide to stick with their two card total (stay) or take additional cards (to hit) to attempt to get closer to 21. Each player competes separately against the dealer attempting to ensure their hand total is better than the dealers. Although there is a distinct element of luck, blackjack strategies can be employed to increase your chance of winning.


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